• Carnation Bathroom Tiling

    Carnation Bathroom Tiling

    While not a full blown remodel, this tiling project proves that simply updating the shower, tub and countertop tile can certainly breathe new life into an older bathroom. We’re very satisfied with how this turned out and love the glass finishes.

  • Maple Valley Bathroom Remodel

    Maple Valley Bathroom Remodel

    This bathroom was completely rebuilt. The existing shower, tub, vanities, countertop, pony wall, wainscot, tile base and floor are all brand new. The accent tile ties in nicely with the wall and floor tile providing a completely finished look.

  • Redmond Bathroom Remodel

    Redmond Bathroom Remodel

    Check out one of our recently completed bathroom remodels. This was a pretty extensive project which included: A heated flooring system An expanded shower footprint (cutting into an impressively sized closet and walling off a closet door) Two vanities (on either side of the tub) Mirror and countertop installations Complete paint and drywall work This

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