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We’re dreamers, doers, and builders… with an emphasis on tile.

Leaders in all things tile.

Since 2014, Sound Tile & Grout has been a leader in tile installation, tile and grout service, and bathroom remodels throughout the greater Puget Sound area.

At Sound Tile & Grout, you’ll notice a difference with us starting with our initial conversation. You’ll find that our staff, from administration in the office to our project managers in the field, are diligent in what they do, with an emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction every step along the way.

Sound Tile & Grout, being a division of Sound Construction Services, borrows a similarly unique service process to the tile industry as Sound Construction Services does within the construction industry.

Continue below to find out exactly what we mean by that.


Familiarize yourself with our installation and remodeling process below:


It is not uncommon in this industry for companies to charge you for the initial consultation to help pay for the high cost of advertising, employee hours to provide a detailed and thorough estimate, and the cost of associated overhead. At Sound Tile & Grout, we simply see this as the beginning of our relationship and offer these services at no cost to you.



After our free in-home consultation, we’ll create and send you a comprehensive estimate detailing the project as discussed on-site with you. It’s important that we come to an accurate and detailed estimate, as this will become the foundation of our future project timeline. We’ll work together to revise the estimate, updating tile and material selections, adding or removing additional options, etc., until all the preliminary details are dialed in.


If we are a good fit and you have accepted the provided estimate, we will solidify our relationship by issuing a forty percent deposit invoice. Payment of the invoice will secure your place in scheduling, and will allow us to begin procuring materials and a labor plan associated with your project.


During the course of your installation or remodel, your initial estimator will double as your project manager, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation between sales and production. For the duration of your project, we will communicate timelines and discoveries, always keeping you up to date on where we are and where we’re expecting to be.

Our experience starts from the top.

With over 20 years of tile installation, tile and grout service & bathroom remodels, Brock Clayson, our General Manager, leads our team to do better. With quality and customer satisfaction a priority, don’t be surprised to find Brock intermittently stopping in on your project – ensuring our installers and project managers are exceeding expectations.


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